About Me


Hi! I am Adelia Khairunnisa also known as Adele Dea.

I am a psychology student in Universitas Airlangga. I started writing this blog since April 2013. I post randomly here, so sorry if couldn’t help you much but I always try to be better!

You can find me in another platform, they are on the side of this page. Or, in case you can’t see the side bar of this blog (because it can only be seen through PC ^^), then these are another ways to find me:

Instagram: @deakhn
Twitter: @deakhrns
Email: deakhairun20@gmail.com

If you want to ask something through my social media, just say that this blog brought you to me, or say that you found my social media after visiting this blog. I would be so happy then.

Thankyou for visiting!


Kritik dan saran temen-temen pembaca sekalian akan sangat membantu! Selain lewat sosial mediaku, temen-temen bisa kirim email ke aku juga di deakhairun20@gmail.com untuk sekedar tanya-tanya juga monggo eheheheh. Terimakasih banyak sudah mau mampir!


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