About Me


I am not good in english but I will try.

Hi! I am Adelia Khairunnisa also known as Adele Dea.

I am a psychology student in Universitas Airlangga. I was here since April 2013. I post randomly. I like books, films, and making new friends 🙂

You can find me in my social media. They are in the side bar of this page. And the orange one, the picture for my profile, named Darwin. If you like watching Cartoon Network, then you absolutely knew him hehe.

Thank you for visiting this blog. May it brings goods for you. Have a nice day!

Eheheheheheheheheh kaku amat ngomong bahasa Inggris ya maklum ya sukanya ngomong pake bahasa Ibu Pertiwi 😦

Btw kritik dan saran kalian akan sangat membantu! Bisa kirim pesan kalian ke email ku di deakhairun20@gmail.com kalau mau kasih masukan atau sekerad tanya-tanya eheheheh. Terimakasih banyak sudah mau mampir!



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